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OTA’s cannot give you direct contact with Hosts as they are concerned about losing commissions.

As our Travel Service is 100% FREE we are happy to put you in direct contact and you can discuss availability and prices direct with the vacation rental owner/manager.

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AirBnB, Agoda, Epedia, Trivago,,, Kayak, Flipkey, Roomarama


YOU CAN ensure your booking agent is legally responsible for your vacation rental booking.

  • Enter your booking details into our system
  • Check the Legal Status
  • Automatically notify the travel agent
  • Automatically notify the host
  • Receive your Guaranteed Booking Notification
  • Your Travel Agent is now legally responsible for ALL expenses if your accommodation booking is cancelled.

Don’t risk your hard earned money on vacation rentals booked through an agent unless they are taking responsibility for selling you a vacation rental that could be inspected and closed at any time.

Notifying them through our system makes them legally and financially responsible for ANY illegally operating listings they offer you.

Travel Insurance Offers

Check out some of the best Travel and Property Insurance available to Travellers who are planning a holiday or an extended trip overseas.

We also offer some great information and deals for Hosts who need to provide suitable insurance to cover damage to property or injury to your guests.

The risks and potential expense of travelling or hosting without insurance compared to the minimal costs involved in buying instant full cover insurance will ensure you have nothing to worry about.

With the correct insurance you are covered for everything from Cancellation & Curtailment, Health & Wealth and just plain bad luck situations.

Starting at $1 a day you really should cover the cost of your vacation and any unforeseen expenses that occur.

If you travel regularly you will save time and money buying an annual policy which has some surprising benefits.

We took a lot of time researching and comparing different options and we are happy to bring you our suggestions. HERE

Find your perfect luggage

Take a look at some of the superb offers on selected luggage we are offering.

We all need that ONE perfect suitcase or travel bag to use when we go away for a holiday.

Many times I have bought a last minute cheap luggage set, as mine is either full of junk and in the attic, or the closure is broken.

So i decided to buy what for me would be the perfect travel bags.

I fly a few times a year and am aware of the sizes for carry on and the weight allowances and I also know my usual list of things to take with me.

I started looking at local high street shops and online to see if I could find what I wanted, at the right price.

  • Durability
  • Storage Capacity
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Recognisable
  • Ease of Moving

Here are some of the best options I found.

Useful Travel Gadgets

I travel a fair bit and have found some very useful gadgets and information to make my life easier.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Booking Flights
  • Book Accommodation
  • Airports
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Travel Bags
  • Travel Gadgets

Have you ever wondered how to get the cheapest flights or vacation rentals?

How about Room Upgrades, Airport Lounges, Transport or Insurance?

There is lots of information and there are lots of products available to make your travel planning and experience much easier, cheaper and more comfortable.

If you are planning any travel in the near future and want to stay up to date with the latest savings and gadgets, see our Travel Industry “Tips & Tricks”

Listing Your Property is FREE

If you would like to list your property with us and forget about commission, subscriptions or any other charges and fees, please complete the form details.

We as a company are totally transparent and set up by Travellers & Hosts FOR Travellers & Hosts.

  • We charge NO Commissions, Charges, Subscriptions or Fees
  • We provide Worldwide Platforms and Portals
  • We provide Direct to Host Contact
  • We provide Direct to Host Bookings
  • We provide a Website Builder
  • We provide an Accounting System
  • We provide Local Legal Requirements Information
  • We provide Recent Reviews
  • We provide Insurance Information
  • We provide Advertising & Marketing
  • We provide Full Transparency
  • We provide Start Up Business Package
  • We provide Country Specific & Relevant Information

None of the Global Giants in the Travel Industry can or will ever offer what we are giving to Travellers & Hosts.

Everything we provide is 100% FREE

NO Subscriptions, Charges, Commissions or FEES

Best Price Guarantee

We ensure you get the best available prices when booking any of OUR Hosts listings.
As we charge NO Commissions, Fees, Subscriptions or Charges to any of our listing Hosts you can usually negotiate a better deal.

Our entire Travel System is FREE for Hosts & Travellers.

Our LEGAL LIST will provide you with a full guarantee that your booking is safe.

NO Commissions, Charges, Subscriptions or Fees

Trust & Safety

Unfortunately many of the listings you can find with OTA's like AirBnB, Agoda, Expedia, and most of the other Giants in the Travel Industry fail to ensure you book LEGALLY REGISTERED Vacation Homes, and then hide behind Internet Law to avoid any responsibility.

Most of the OTA's will NOT take any responsibility for these listings and will refer you directly to the Host.

This can ruin your holiday with last minute cancellations and even forced relocation during your holiday.

Best Travel Agent

You wont find a better Agent than us because we are fully transparent, and do not charge our Hosts or Travellers for anything we offer.

We provide a unique FREE system with full a legal marketing and advertising package to all our Hosts and we don't charge the Host or Traveller.

Direct contact between Traveller and Host.

Direct booking between Traveller and Host.